2014 Reading List

  1. Anna Karenina- Leo Tolstoy
  2. The Beautiful and Damned- F. Scott Fitzgerald
  3. Les Miserables- Victor Hugo
  4. Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte
  5. Sense and Sensibility- Jane Austin
  6. Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austin
  7. The Help- Kathryn Stockett
  8. The Glass Castle- Jeanette Walls
  9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s- Truman Capote
  10. The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald
  11. Nice is just a place in France
  12. Girls in White Dresses- Jennifer Cole

5 Life Lessons from Harry Potter

I have read all of the Harry Potter books many times since they were published. After reading them and watching the movies I came to realize the important lessons that were weaved into the storyline. J.K. Rowling did (as Ron Weasley would say) bloody brilliant job at creating this amazing story and giving good life advice.

1. With the support of friends, anything is possible.
Harry, Ron, and Hermione complete each other. Each is very brave, but the talents that make them successful are unique. Without Hermione’s brilliance or Ron’s creativity and support, Harry would not have been nearly as successful in his endeavors. Through the hardest of times, they were always there for each other, and even when they had their fights, they always found their way back home.


2. Never judge a book by its cover.
Snape is one of the best examples of a character with the ultimate plot twist. Although it is known throughout the series that Dumbledore trusts him, I personally developed a strong hatred for Snape throughout the series because I felt that he betrayed Harry. However, in the end, he redeemed himself by proving that he was always protecting Harry. Despite his greasy hair and obnoxious manner, Snape is a hero. Harry even names one of his children after him. It can be hard not to make judgments, but sometimes, people may surprise you.


3. It is great to be smart, but sometimes, that isn’t the most important thing.
As Hermione says in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, “Books! And cleverness! There are more important things — friendship and bravery.” As Hermione pointed out, sometimes knowing the right answer is not enough. Although Harry never would have been nearly as successful without the expertise of Hermione, it is his bravery that makes him able to fight for what he believes in. In terms of real, non-magical, high school life, a high value is placed on intellectual ability and getting into college. Although this is important, other personality traits can be equally as vital, if not more crucial, than being on the honor roll.


4. You control your future through the choices that you make.
Sometimes it may seem that everything is out of your hands. However, with the right mindset, you can control fate. Although the sorting hat typically decides what house each Hogwarts student is placed in, Harry sways it with his own two cents. For teenagers, everything seems to be controlled by pressure from parents, teachers, and friends. It may seem like everything is out of your control, your thoughts, and ultimately, your actions, can change what may seem like a predetermined fate.


5. Love is the most powerful weapon you can have.
Love was Harry’s savior many times throughout the book. His mother’s love protected him until he moves away from home (and, spoiler alert: it is why Voldemort was unable to kill Harry way back in the Sorcerer’s Stone). When he moves away from his aunt and uncle’s house, Harry comes to the realization that the power he held over Voldemort was not in who was a better wizard. What gave Harry so much power was the fact that Voldemort will never know love. Harry’s love for his friends allowed him to put them before himself when making the ultimate sacrifice. Knowing that there are people out there that love you and loving others provides the support and motivation necessary to make it through hard times.


What It Really Means To Be In A Sorority

I joined a sorority in college and it completely changed my life for the better. I made life long friends, raised money for a great philanthropy  (Breast Cancer Awareness), and learned networking and leadership skills. I hate hearing people talk about sororities and say its all about partying and hanging out with guys because it is SO not! Yes, my sisters and I had fun on the weekends and liked to hangout with guys but what college girls don’t? Some people say I “pay” for my friends, I want to tell those people if they thinks thats true, then I didn’t pay enough. I could never have enough money to pay for the kind of friendships that I have made from joining my sorority. If you are someone who is thinking about joining a sorority or someone who thinks stereotypically about sororities you need to read this article.



What It Really Means To Be In A Sorority

Once upon a time you were a lowly underclassman, nervously walking up the front stairs of various sorority houses into a crowd of women who were most likely a) all wearing matching t-shirts b) singing c) clapping d) smiling too big e) all of the above.

Even if the groupthink mentality freaked you out, you still wanted to “branch out and meet new people,” ”get more involved,” or maybe you were going through a breakup and needed something totally new to focus your energy on (with a whole new pool of frat guys on the side). Whatever your reasoning was, you jumped through all the recruitment hoops and finally made it to pledging status.

If you were anything like me, the beginning of your sorority experience was both incredibly exciting and awkwardly confusing — you were making so many friends and getting invited to VIP parties and you were a part of something at this new school that sometimes felt overwhelmingly large to you.

But at the same time, you wondered if it was natural that you had spilled your deepest, darkest secrets to women you had only met hours earlier at Bid Day, where you were all forced to stand really close to each other and take pictures with your letters even though you were actually feeling really nervous and had no real understanding of what joining a sorority would mean.

Over the next few months, you found out that it meant you had a home away from home. You had a place you could go when you were bored between classes. You had 100+ girls to text when you didn’t want to go to the dining hall alone. You had other girls who had been through shittier things than you could have ever imagined going through, and so you learned from them.

You made friends with girls who had grown up in totally different religions, cultures, and worlds than you (because contrary to popular belief, there areactually sororities that are comprised of more than just your average rich white girl), and you liked learning about things you’d never experienced.

You took note of the girl whose parents had gone through an ugly divorce when she was young, and wondered how she ever got through it. You met the girl whose best friend had died in a drunk driving accident in high school, and you were amazed at the way she had channeled her energy into preventing others from experiencing the same fate by speaking at school assemblies. You met the girl whose parent was dying of cancer, and you didn’t reprimand her or judge her when she dealt with it by blacking out on a nightly basis. You just tucked her into bed and sat with her while she sobbed and realized your heart could ache for one of your friends as if the pain was your own. Your sisters had opened up to you and you to them, and by finals week you were panicking about having to say goodbye to them for break.

You got involved. You might have taken a position or been in charge of a committee. You might have gone with your sisters to visit elderly people, or served soup at a homeless shelter, or visited a child who had cancer at the hospital, or cleaned up the campus’ trash and litter on a Saturday morning (when the only thing that got you all through it at those ridiculous early hours was finding remnants of the night before, like a used condom on the sidewalk or someone’s shirt strewn on a front porch). You tutored that sister who was in your major and was struggling to keep up her GPA.

You got close with different sisters and bonded over things that ran deeper than just what outfit you were going to wear to the bar later, and when people made comments about how sorority girls were shallow and fake, you just shook your head knowing they could never understand.

You might’ve taken a Little, and were so grateful when all of your housemates stayed up until 3am with you the night before Big/Little reveals to help you repaint your crafts for the fifth time because you wanted them to be perfect. You didn’t even care that there was paint in your hair and you were breathing in the fumes, or that you were painting little wooden shapes that were, really, quite useless, or that you’d just spent $500 bucks on a girl you had only met about 3 weeks ago. Crafting with your sisters was your bonding time — making fattening snacks and promising to go to the gym together the next day, making ridiculous videos of you dancing to some tween-pop song, or talking about how you were scared you’d never love someone again after the breakup you’d just gone through. And as ridiculous as “crafting” sounds to anyone else, you thought that it was nice you were doing something totally pointless for someone else, just for the fact that it was going to be exciting for them.

Then you probably went through a phase where you were all, “Fuck this sorority, everyone’s a fake bitch.” “They told me not to talk about drinking or drugs at recruitment? How dare those bitches stifle my identity! OH HEY POTENTIAL NEW MEMBER WANNA BLAZE WITH ME?” The new Executive Board sucked and you and your best friends were not going to let them think they could control you, especially if they looked down on you for having so much fun while they were hard at work being obsessed with control. Maybe you were on the Executive Board and you were in that awkward pull between trying to make responsible decisions for the chapter and realizing that everyone else on the board took it wayyyyy too seriously.

You had found your “group” within the sorority and the other 85 sisters probably either annoyed you or were “just there.” (With the exception of a random few that you were close with outside your group of friends — the sister who you always sat next to in your Psychology class, the sister who you always called when you were in the mood to smoke, the sister who lived by you at home so you always hung out on breaks…)

You and your besties got an off campus house together and grew incredibly close. You were upperclassmen by this point, so you just didn’t give a damn about impressing the executive officers, going to all of your chapter meetings, or attending study hours. You were friends with some of the people in positions, so they helped you out and covered for you here and there — because you were 21 now and you had more important things to do than attend a sisterhood retreat, like be extremely hungover and shake and vomit off the side of your bed until 12pm.

But if one of the girls who was pledging dared miss study hours you’d exclaim, “DOES SHE EVEN CARE ABOUT THIS SORORITY?! WHEN I WAS PLEDGING WE WEREN’T ALLOWED TO MISS STUDY HOURS!”

Then it came time for your senior year. You went back and forth between feeling that you’d outgrown your sorority (it had changed sooo much since you first started, anyway) and panicked that you were doing everything for the last time. The last homecoming tailgate with [insert frat here], the last 6am setup for Spring Recruitment, the last Initiation Ceremony.

You had moments where you would have uncontrollable anxiety about finding a job, only to have your Big call you (from that far-off place known as “The Real World”) to calm you down and remind you that you were going to be just fine, not to stress. You trusted everything she said because — duh! — she had just been through it one year earlier and understood everything you were saying.

There were times when your best friend came upstairs and sat on your bed and sobbed over not getting into her top grad school. You calmed her down and offered to edit her personal statement for her other applications, but not before you both headed to your favorite bar to get some drinks and food and take your mind off of things.

Finally, it was your turn to cross-over from sister to alumna. You felt like you were in a daze, like you’d just watched your Big and Grandbig (or, Big-Big in some chapters) go through the same ceremony. You looked around the room and realized this was the last time you’d ever see some of your sisters again, and it made you sad even though most of them pissed you off at one point or another or you weren’t super close with some of them. You knew that this was one time in all of your lives where you were aligned, shared the same experiences, and now you were all going to branch out in different directions on your own paths.

You donned your sorority cords or stoles over your graduation gown, and remembered the first time those colors had ever been attached to you — at your pinning ceremony. You thought of the girl you had been when you first walked into the house, and realized that you had grown into a confident, smart, mature woman because of all that you had learned through this organization.

For the rest of your life, when people made rude comments upon finding out you had been in a sorority (Mimicking things like “OMG let’s all take a picture doing our hand signal!” or responding, “So basically, you were a whore.”), you would just laugh and tell them they could never understand, and you wouldn’t even try to explain because they never would.

  • When you aced that interview for your dream job and accredited it to everything you had learned during Recruitment…
  • When you had stellar time management skills and knew it was because you had balanced school work, a part-time job, an Executive Board position, another club you’d been involved in, AND having fun during college…
  • When you knew how to respect your superiors at the office but also had the courage to leave if they were abusing their power (because your chapter prided itself on a no-tolerance policy when it came to hazing and you would never be anybody’s bitch)…
  • When you were 27 and your sorority sisters all got together to attend the first of your pledge sisters’ weddings and you rocked out on the dance floor like the old days…
  • When you were 35 and your Big called you to tell you her husband had cheated on her and she was broken and you drove 3 hours to her house that weekend to help her figure it out…

These are some of the times that you will quietly smile to yourself and truly understand the value of your sorority.

These are the times when you will thank yourself for having been the lowly underclassmen who decided to embark on a journey by way of the sorority house front stairs.

From the thoughts of a Graphic Designer

Thoughts from a Graphic Designer

Ridiculous Conversations With Your BFF

So I saw this article while browsing cosmopolitan.com. I thought it was so funny and definitely true! I have had these conversations with my best friends a few times!


14 Ridiculous Conversations All Female Friends Have Had

By: Anne Breslaw

1. The “You Don’t Need To Diet, But I Need To Diet.” Oh my God, don’t even look at the calorie count! You are so skinny I can barely see you when you turn to the side! But I really should cut out bread. And cheese. And try that diet Jessica Alba’s on where you eat nothing but bouillon cubes and air. What? I can’t hear you, I’m too fat.

2. The “Everyone Has HPV.” Don’t freak out! Everyone has it! Literally everybody, it’s sooooo common. I mean, I don’t. But everybody has it!

3. The “Being Single Is Awesome.” Being single is awesome! Sometimes I feel so trapped by the warmth and stability of my loving relationship! You’re so lucky you get to do whatever you want because nobody cares about you!

4. The “But It’s Fall!” You: I really want this carby pasta/expensive sweater, but I shouldn’t. Friend: But it’s fall!

5. The “You Can Do Better.” He’s not even that hot — he has weird teeth. Also, you think his Twitter’s so funny, but it’s not funny-funny. It’s funny-weird. And it’s easy to be funny-weird. He looks so stupid in that jacket. […] Oh. You’re back together? Tell him hi for me!

6. The “I’ve Been Meaning To Go To Yoga More.” I always feelsooo much less stressed out when I do, but I’m so busy, and I work all the time, and when I’m not working I’m hanging out with you, but I really should go to yoga more. We should go to yoga together!

7. The “They Should Not Be Getting Married.” You know she cheated on him last year, right? And he’s soooo dumb? And they’ve only been dating for two seconds? And she actually had the photo they’re using on their TheKnot.com photoshopped so he was better-looking? I predict divorce within five years. Anyway, I’m the maid of honor.

8. The “What Are Your Feelings On Juice Cleanses?” You tried one, right? How expensive was it? How much weight did you lose? Did you try the Gwyneth one or the Salma Hayek one? Did you feel really healthy afterwards? Did you make it all the way through? Did you get so hungry that you blacked out and woke up with the burger from a sobbing child’s Happy Meal in your mouth? How expensive was it to bail you out of jail? I’m so glad we had this talk!

9. The “When Did You Stop Watching Grey’s Anatomy?” After that episode with the bomb? Or when Izzie started seeing Ghost Denny? Or when Meredith hits her head in that bus accident and temporary brain damage convinces her that she’s the singing Christian broccoli in Veggie Tales? Oh, you still watch it? NBD, we just have to perform a ritual killing.

10. The “What The Hell Is BB/CC/DD Cream, Really?” I am on Page 11 of Google Search results and I still don’t know. You know why? Because NOBODY KNOWS.

11. The “I’m So Drunk.” You’re tired? No, I’m tired. I’m soooo tired. I got like an hour of sleep last night. You haven’t slept in a year. I don’t even know what sleep is. We are both so tired. We’re dead. We’re ghosts.

12. The “I Lament Never Having Had A Slutty Period.” I should have had sex with more guys in college, right? Just like, gotten hammered and had some strange penis in my face. Now I’m, like, an aunt.

13. The “You’re Not Being Crazy.” No, that’s totally rational! I would feel the exact same way. He’s the one that’s being crazy.

14. The Bi-Weekly “Should I Get Bangs?” Like straight-across punk ones or side-swept ones? Or little pin-up Bette Page ones? Are you listening? MAYBE I’LL DO IT THIS TIME! Then you’ll listen, won’t you! (I’m not going to do it.)

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

If you dance with your heart, your body will follow -Mia Michaels


Dance is the hidden language of our soul


Don’t just dance, move the world -Rowan Nath


Dancers dream with their feet


Dance, even if the only music is the rhythm of your heart


Dancing is a silent poetry


I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean,
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens,
Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.

Dance….I hope you dance.

-Lee Ann Womack

I Hope You Dance

Disney Memes







8 Things Every Women Should Have

1. A go to drink

Cranberry and Vodka

2. A go to karaoke song

Tom Petty’s “American Girl”

3. A uniform

Skinny jeans, fitted blazer, pointy pumps

4. A hairstylist they love

Rebecca, Creative Hair

5. An exercise routine

Julian Michaels 30 Day Shred

6. A hobby

Reading, baking, photography

7. A best friend

I have two best friends, one from high school and one from college

8. A healthy sense of self

It’s a work in progress becoming the person I want to be but, surrounding myself with loved ones, doing things that make me happy, and trying to be nice to myself are the things I focus on.


What Disney has taught me about life

I have watched all of the Disney movies many times in my life. As a little girl I just watched them and admired the princesses. Now that I am older, I have learned that each movie has a life lesson in it that everyone should know.


Don’t pretend to me something you’re not and people will love you for who you are.


The Little Mermaid

In the journey of becoming who you want to be, don’t forget who you are.


Beauty and the Beast

When looking for love, find someone who brings out the best in you and helps you to become better.



Forced to be a slave for her step family. Sings instead of complaining.



Life is not about popularity, it’s about love and sacrifice.


Lion King

You are never alone



Don’t worry about expectations, be yourself.

mulan cut hair

Sleeping Beauty

Even Sleeping Beauty had to live in a cottage before she got her castle.



Sometimes you have to face your fears in order to make your wildest dreams come true.